Battery Polarity Check


My lack of skill means I have no business trying to assemble this thing, but...I have another lame newbie question.

I made it (v2.5) to Step 72 with only minor issues. I am now doing the battery polarity check. The starboard battery pack comes through sweet at 12.72v. The port battery pack makes the numbers jump on the multimeter like a slot machine, but never shows a steady voltage. Other connections on the DB-25 are totally dead as they should be.

So, I take the activity on the multimeter as an indication that something is going on with the battery, but just not clean voltage. First, is this a correct assumption (meaning the right wires are on the right cups)?

Second, if my assumption is correct, does anyone have any suggestions of what to look for next? Aside from resoldering the connections, I don't have any ideas. The connections in the battery tube are solid. I still have my wire labels on and have the right wires.

Thanks for any advice,



I finally figured out what the problem was. I am posting this because it wasn't obvious. The random activity on the meter suggested a bad connection. But the solder joints were all solid. After much backing and forthing, I noticed that the battery tube end cap (positive end) might not be contacting the battery well. Further inspection revealed that my solder blob that connected the wire was taller than the battery plate. It was keeping the battery plate from making solid contact with the battery. Removing the wire, removing much of the solder and then reattaching the wire gave me 12.72v on both port and starboard batteries.

I know it's not much to most of you, but I was pretty pleased at figuring this one out.