Battery pods


I was trying different batteries over the weekend. I tried the 8 Duracell Alkaline battery 1.5v LR14 and 8 Eveready Rechargeable 1.2v CH35 Nickel cadmium. I all so took apart a 14.4 volt battery pack from Dewalt that is used for my drill. I figured Dewalt must know something about batteries. This has 10 batteries and required a different lenght tube. I made a connector from the old Dewalt battery holder with 2 wires that plug in to the Dewalt charger for recharging the batteries. So I can leave the batteries in the tubes to recharge. I have a connector between the tubes and the electronics. I still am having the same problem with the system loosing the internet connection when using the forward thursters at any but very low speeds. The o-ring battery tube ends seem to be fine and haven't leaked (so far, 3 ft. of water). The molex connectors are being used for testing, turning off the unit, charging, and I am in fresh water (rain water from the roof of this building).

I have a short video of the unit running in my test tank but but one is 120 megs and the other is over 300 megs. I also have a couple showing the screen capture of the camera and you can see the voltage go low and then I lose the connection. They are not great but do show the OpenROV moving around. The 5 meg limit prevents me from posting them here.

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You could post on YouTube - not quite convenient, but easier to share. With short videos the upload shouldn't be too long.



Has anyone considered using the battery packs from MetalSub?

a little expensive maybe, but pressure tested to 250m, come in various sizes, quick connect clamps and military spec.

best of all, they have an outstanding waterproof bayonet connection, and each battery pack can have two connections.