Battery holders


Hi all,

Since a while I had noticed that the tube had the same size as the one we use here (in France) for plumbing.

So I found these holders that I am using to hold the batteries.

It leaves enough space to easily remove the end caps. It's now very easy to remove the pack. Btw I have put it on the side. I'll try if it changes the ROV behavior.

What do you use as holders?

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That’s pretty neat, the more you have sticking out from the ROV the more likely it is to be tangled to something. Does the holders fit on the inside?
It would be cool to have removable battery packs that can be changed on the fly with fresh batteries via some kind of waterproof connector and holders like yours.



Yes they fit in the inside. Nevetheless, I find it mote practical that way. I also feel like it's more stable. I'll make a serious comparison and keep you updated.

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For battery tube holders I designed and 3D printed some. I also mounted the battery tubes to the outside of the ROV for easier accessibility.

Battery tube holders

This tool I made makes it easier to take the battery end tube caps off instead of using your fingers. You could probably use your plumbing holders as well to accomplish the same thing.


Your battery remover tool is amazing. It has totally changed my life! (And saved my fingers!)