Battery exploded on charger


My chargers are set to 3.0v and after two uses of the batteries I was charging them last night while watching a movie. An hour and a half into it I hear a loud pop and I look at my batteries and one battery had popped and is leaking battery fluid.
Are there a lot of faulty batteries?



This is the first I’ve heard of this happening. What brand of battery was this? Would you send a photograph?

Thank you!



Mr. Stackpole,

I was using the batteries that I ordered from the openrov store. I will send you photos.
After this happened the battery sounded like it was boiling on the inside for a few minutes, and the fluid that leaked out smelled a little like fingernail polish remover and rum alcohol.


Ps. It takes packages 4-5 weeks to get to where I’m at. So I guess I have very bad luck or some higher power loves testing my ability to remain patient.


Hi Richard,
I also had two of my batteries leaking after a run in water tank.

My problem was due to uneven discharge of some of the cells in the pack. One of the cells in series dropped below 2 V though the other cells were >3V. I believe without a balancer this issue cannot be avoided.

I didn’t have any issues when charging though.



Thank you for sharing.
I’ll test the charger this weekend to find out if it was a fault in the charger or a fault in the battery. I’ll post pictures to update everybody.
I’ll test my batteries to see if I also have uneven discharge in the cells.