Battery charging + support for FPV Goggles



How wil the charging of Trident be, and how will the time of it be?
And does charger and everything necessary to charge be included?
I guess spare batteries is not a options, when everything will be closed.

Also i wonder if there will be support for FPV goggles, like FatShark and Oculus?

Looking forward to news about how the building is going in your blog.

Best Regards


A quote from OpenROV Founder Eric Stackpole:

“To ensure reliability, the batteries and other electronics are mounted permanently inside the vehicle so that the seal can be professionally laid and tested in the factory. That being said, the electronics are being designed so that charging takes about the same time (~3 hours) as the vehicle can run. For major expeditions that have multiple vehicles, this would allow one vehicle to charge while the other is in operation. It’s also possible that an accessory could be made that would allow power to be sent down the tether, however the focus now is getting the core Trident design solid before developing accessories.”