Battery charge


I would charge the battery without open battery tube everytime, so I'd like to place an external cable and plug for charge. I can isolate it with grease.

If I see openrov wiring on gitub it seem that battery are connected in series, but if I verify with tester I found that pin 4 (GND port tube) is connected to pin 7 (GND starboard tube). In series mode one GND should be connect to other battery positive.

Any suggest on simple mode to connect to battery charge ?

It is correct the wiring scheme ?


Saverio Tozzi


Hey Saverio,

The two battery packs are actually connected in parallel, so the two GND lines as well as the two PWR lines should be tied together.

Charging the the batteries in the tubes is something we'd really like to do as well, but unfortunately, it's a bit tricky to do with lithium batteries be cause they have a complex charging profile, and each cell needs to be charged independently (using a balance charger). This means that in order to properly charge the batteries, you'd need to have at least four wires coming from each pack.

Please let us know if you have any ideas on this, and good luck. Be safe!



I found another scheme (the first is wrong I think). The two battery pack are connected in parallel, but through diodes on positive. It is correct, but it is not possible connect and charge two pack together. Instead I think possible charge they separately, I need carry out two plug for two pack. I charge LiIon battery with Graupner Ultramat, it has balancer connector, but is not necessary connect it. The charger identify the number elements and adjust your current/voltage.


To charge battery pack I am thinking to break battery connection , or better, carry out 4 wire for pack and 4 wire for supply in. I would use an USB extension male/female. When rov is operative I can connect battery to electronics, when it is idle I can divide the battery. So I can connect all battery in series and charge their with another USB plug. USB is only the plug type obviously.

I think possible fill plugs with silicone grease and submerge it in water with no problem.

What do you think about this solution ?