So, I attempted to order the batteries you all recommend. I have now been sitting on this assembled robot for over a month unable to do anything with it.

I have put in multiple requests to fast-tech trying to find out what is going on. Here, after 30 days since my order, is the response I get from them:

"Hi David Rankin, Sorry for the inconvenience. Both packages for this order were returned to us by Hongkong Post, we have issued refund for it via Paypal, please check your account. If you still like the items in this order, please just place new order for them, thank you."

This, to say the least, is a flippin joke. I would rather not do any business with these people. Where else can I find some equivalent batteries / chargers that will work?


David Rankin


I know what you mean!
Was that an order you placed directly with FastTech? Did you try ordering them via Amazon?


I ordered directly from FastTech.

Here are some links: