This Blog Post is added info to last blog posted. The battery that I am looking at is a 12volt seald lead acid with a capacity of 3.4 amps. I am not for sure what thy mean by capacity. If this will not work, then what kind of battery system will. I would like to power ever thing on board. Two sets of 3 led lights, 4 500gph bilge pumps and a video cramera with 24 infrared lights. I could not fine the amp draw on these products.


Sealed Lead Acid batteries have very low internal resistance (on the order of tens of milli-ohms) and can thus source very large amounts of current. I would suspect that this battery is capable of running the system you describe for on the order of 30 mins.

Here's a webpage that had a bit of information about a specific 3.4AH SLA batterie which may be like the one you're looking at:

Best of luck!