Batteries won't charge on new Trident

We just achieved our ordered Trident yesterday (Sweden) and have been trying to charge it during yesterday and night but it won’t charge. While charging the LEDs on the tail of the Trident are active, the red with a steady light and the first green blinking. The charger are also lit with a red light. It does however not charge. When I after several hours of charging trying to start it the app in the phone says that the Trident has 0% of battery capacity and the red LED on the Trident is flashing.

Before charging we did test the motors and app with great result, except that we had to upgrade the firmware, which we weren’t able to do due to low battery.

Any suggestions?


Make sure you are using to submit these tickets. I don’t think OpenROV farms the forums for support issues.


I also did, but posted here as well if anyone had a similar experience and a quick fix that we didn’t grasp. :slight_smile:
Measured the charger and it serves the proper amount of voltage so the problem lies elsewhere.

I now have great news. :smiley:
After letting the batteries totally be drained by leaving it on until it turned off by itself, we were able to charge the Trident. I guess it’s one way to get it totally rebooted and resetted.

Case closed!

@h.lundqvist Great to hear it worked out! This information is very valuable for helping others solve this problem too. We’ll try to investigate what may have cause it to happen in the first place.

Thanks for posting!


I just had a similar issue after a handful of dives. I am now running the lights until she drains, will see what happens. Hopefully your solution works out for me!

It is work? I experienced same case, now my ROV trident can not charge the batteries.