Batteries for version 2.5


I have yet to receive my 26650 batteries for my ROV, I have seen in earlier discussions that "C" Alkaline batteries were mentioned. Is it possible to use 8 "C" batteries to operate version 2.5 till the 26650 batteries arrive. That way I can perform functional testing of the unit to make sure it works and all seals are tight. If so, are there any temporary modifications necessary for "C" batteries to work. I noticed that the tubes are longer to fit three of the 26650 batteries per side.

Thanks for the help,



Did you try putting the C batteries in? I believe they should fit.


did put the batteries in the tube(without all of the wiring connect) but found that there was some dead space where the batteries would not allow full connection between the positive and negative ends. I am also concerned about the voltage (1.5 vs. 3.7 per battery) difference between the batteries or should I be?


I don't think your C batteries will have enough current capability or voltage.


Hi Brian.

I'm guessing that the original design had the "C" batteries but all 8 in series... = 12V

The newer design has 2 "packs" of 3X26650 in parallel... 2X11,1V with higher amp = longer "flytime"



I have the 26650 batteries and have moved forward with the calibration and testing phase. Thanks for the comments.