Bathymetry with rov and mapping with drone


Hi community! I’m an engineer that works with land survey with drones, and i would like to start river survey to connect with my drone land survey.
Does anyone know how to do that?
There is any rov with bathymetry?


I don’t know of any ROVs that do bathymetry. I have seen papers on the idea of using a small ROV boat to do it.

For rivers I’ve seen bathymetry done from a small boat and that seems to get the job done fine. Not sure if it would really be helpful create new ROV technology when a regular boat and current tools get the job done already.

I’ve toyed with the idea of using the new fish finder technology for a cheap way to get a nice 3D map of the underwater landscape. With a dingy, trolling motor and a high end fish finder you might be able to get the job done.


As Micheal said, the newer fishfinders have make your own map features, that would proably be your best option, can run them off a small 12v battery on a kayak or dinghy. Also depends on the size of river and distance you are trying to map, managing both the ROV and tether drag in current would be an issue also. If the river has clear enough water, you may be able to map water depth by water color seen from drone footage.


I tend to agree with Michael_Girand on this one.

I too am involved in this type of work (as a consumer of the data) and I am aware of small surface craft being used by some consultants here in Australia to undertake their investigations ( I would love to strap some sensors on my Trident to obtain this data myself however it is relatively affordable to engage these consultants with their little remote control boats.

If this is what you are planning to do then have some fun…the inner boy in me would love to justify and claim a remote control boat as a tax deduction hahaha.