Automated video resolution switching?


Hi All:

I don't have an account on GitHub, and I was wondering if people could comment on this, and if it makes sense, somebody post it as an enhancement on GitHub.

Based upon our tests last weekend, it looks like the HomePlug tether adapters work well, and I suspect we'll soon have a lot of people running their tethers at 100 Mbps as opposed to the 10 Mbps using the baluns. When we ran at 100 Mbps on Saturday, Eric noted that the video, while smooth, was still running at the bit rate that was selected for use with the baluns, which apparently needs a datarate of about 12 Mbps. But the webcam itself is capable of much higher resolution and frame rate. So.....

It seems to me that there ought to be a routine in software that queries the Ethernet port to see what speed it is running on, either 10 or 100 Mbps. Then, depending upon result, a camera resolution / frame rate is chosen that optimizes the picture for that speed.

This way, people can be using either the baluns or HomePlug, and the software will switch seamlessly between those cases, while giving the best possible video.



Good proposal!

I think maybe you could have both and auto and manual resolution/bitrate settings. in case you have a system that negotiate at 100mbit, but the troughput is quite low because of bad cable. noise and such.