At UK Maker Faire needing some help to get up and running


Having a few problems with OpenROV, I’m trying to demonstrate it at the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle. Last minute build, just finished the connectors.

  1. Have managed to load code into Arduino
  2. Can connect to Beaglebone with direct ethernet cable and get video and connection and voltage readout, using external batteries.
  3. Lights don’t work through cockpit have tested them by connecting direct to 12 v and light up.
  4. Can’t connect over media link boxes get 2 green lights on each but no signal between them are there any diagnostics I can do on them.

A bit of a list but any help greatly received, I haven’t tried running the motors yet.



Which 2 lights on the MediaLink boxes. They have been awful forgiving for me so far. I'm assuming the cockpit is showing the bar indicator moving for the lights?


2 lights furthest apart, the graphic isn’t moving in cockpit


Okay. That implies lack of connectivity between the medialink boxes. I would double check the tether.

As far as the video goes, if the o and p keys don't make the graphic change it indicates a problem with the connectivity from the browser to the beagle. Make sure that javascript is not being blocked (though I don't think the video will start if it is). Also, look at the log /var/log/openrov.log as it might show an error...


Ok got things working now, am going to try it in the pool at the maker faire tomorrow