At the Airport: Carry On Robots


"So yea, that's an underwater robot"

Then the TSA agent's face goes from scrunched up confusion to genuinely interested and surprised. They always ask interesting questions: really? What do you use it for? Did you make it?

I always used to worry that I would have problems getting the robot through airport security. Now I look forward to the conversations I'm going to have. But that's beside the point. The more important part of the picture above (taken in the Oakland Airport this morning) is what it represents.

Two guys. Three underwater robots. Only carry on luggage.

That's amazing. It's a totally different paradigm for exploration. If it's that easy to pack up and go, where else can we explore? What new form of expeditions can we take?

Clean underwear works well as padding for the robot.

OpenROVs always draw a crowd.


Where are you taking the ROV?