Assembly question (v2.8 guide 3, step 24


Have a question here: During the assembly of my OpenROV 2.8, in Guide 3, step 28, the white spacer piece to screw in that I have is hexagonal shaped (not round like in the photo) and doesn’t fit the black screws (if I forced them it would de-thread the screws). I’m assuming I’m incorrect here and don’t want to use the wrong piece. any advice? I could likely superglue the piece in place and to the associated boards…again, any help would be appreciated. THANKS.


If you reach out to our support team we will be able to get this sorted out. The wrong part may have been put into the fastener bag and we can send a replacement. When you email them if you can send a picture of the spacer piece with a black screw for size reference that would be helpful.


Thanks Brian. Just sent an email w/photos. Much appreciated.