Assembly Question End Cap Hole?


Electronics tube end cap with syringe central axis. The instructions clearly indicate epoxy be filled around the syringe center without filling it.

1. Why? What is the purpose of leaving this hole in the end cap?

2. How is the hole eventually sealed? I can't find an answer in the 2.4 instructions or in the old wiki.



I had the same questions. You will use the rubber plunger that came with the syringes to seal the holes. That is why you want to be very careful not to scratch them on the inside.

When you pop the end caps on the electronics housing you will be creating positive pressure inside the tube. You remove one of the plungers to release this pressure and get it at atmosphere before the dive. This helps the water pressure seal the o-rings in the tube.




Hi David!

Thank you for your reply!

1. So you only need one end cap with the syringe open?

2. I assume you put the plunger back in the hole before the dive. Or perhaps some other plug? It has to hold to 300'.


I just followed the instructions and did both. I guess you could fill one of them.

You replace the little rubber plunger and it holds up fine. Very little hole it has to plug up.



Greetings! I've some questions on this topic so I hope you don't mind me riding on this thread instead of starting another.

I'm bad with the saw, and while sawing the 0.16L length of the syringe, I must have made it too close to the end of the "wall". This made the wall too thin for comfort. The instruction photo shows there's more "thickness" in the center than what I have. Will the water pressure crush it from outside if it's too thin?

I watched all the videos and instructions but can't visualize exactly how this center "hole" will fit in the big picture of things, so I wonder if I should be concern that the way I have it far from perfectly sawed? In fact, one end of the 2 pieces is slanted!! Yes, I'm that bad with my hands... ;)

Can someone pls take a look at the photos and advise if I should get another 2 new syringe and redo it, or will it do just fine? It's part of a larger component of the assembly, and I figure that if it's not well, the whole assembly will be ruin.