Assembling and sealing up the OpenROV



Anyone out there who can help me sealing up the ROV?

Im trying to find the information in the wiki but the information about sealing and Assembling the ROV seams to be missing. I´m planing to test the ROV next week so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



step 9 I think is what you are asking about.



No, that´s all been done. I think I´m waiting for step 15.

Or maybe, as you said step 9, from 8 (Potting).

I´m looking for instructions on how to seal the Cape and make the final adjustments including the servo. For example why is there a hole i both of the end caps?


you have potted the end caps?

have you installed the syringe when gluing the endcaps?

have you mounted the o-rings?

if yes, its a matter of following the steps a the bottom of this page(more or less the same thats going to be in step.15)

i would check the module for leaks without the e-chassis installed. its alot of money and work to replace for a small leak.

the servo is not powerful enough to rotate the e-chassis at the moment. a new e-chassis is in design to rectify this problem.

as of now you should power the electronics with the servo attached, but not connected to the end-cap. when the servo starts up, it need to rotate freely so it can move to the zero point of movement.


Hello Andreas!

Sorry about the documentation, we've been trying to organize the wiki as fast as we can; I'll get that section done by the end of this week

here is a video for putting the O-rings on:

the video for sealing up and installing the tube:

inserting the sealing plungers:

finally vacuum seal checking (optional);

Hope this helps!



Hi Colin,

Thank you very much! That was exactly what i needed.

Now the ROV tests can go on as planned. Tomorrow is the big day!

And by the way, you guys are doing a great job!