Are they enough?

I am planning to purchase your ROV to do underwater SLAM. Can I carry out experiment directly, if I buy OpenROV v2.6 Kit (Fully Assembled) and Rechargeable Li-FePO4 Batteries? How long is the cable included?
And do you know anyone who do SLAM successfully use your platform?


May I know what SLAM stands for ?



SLAM means a robot can localize itself and meanwhile mapping the environment, see



As far as I know, no one has implemented any real time SLAM implemented in OpenROV

Brian A has a couple of videos on optical flow Video 1 and Video 2 (sort of related or a first step)

I would suggest looking at real time visual odometry first rather than real time SLAM due to processing power constraints of the system (potentially some camera/payload modifications required)

You could then do some Structure from Motion using this as post processing of the captured images from the dive


Thanks for the links Scott.

Interesting and may be almost what we are looking for.



Hi Ion

As I indicated over on the Navigation thread my belief is that it will require multiple techniques and real time visual odometry /egomotion is just one of those (as well as your IMU integrations and Jim and Bob's DIY Acoustic modems / pinger ) and small baby steps are always the best way forward rather than wanting something complex but never getting it

Maybe a couple of different threads may be needed say one talking about the "big picture" and all of the different systems and strategies pros cons etc acting as a road map and then a couple of sub threads about the actualities of an individual stepwise development and experiments of a single strategy eg using the IMU dead reckoning example how to eliminate course jitter, how to course hold for distance or time, simple look up tables to then full EKF implementation, how to display the course already travelled etc??????


Hi Scott:

Yes, of course, your right in the need for anykind of organization regarding the subject.

May be we'd have to appoint a kind of "Navigation manager", hahaha. Yes, I laugh, but its a must.

Things are now at a stage, that its hard even to know what has been already done.

Without that coordination, I think, we'll hardly arrive to a "safe harbour"