Are others having issues with transient signals causing motors and servo to pulse?


I have it all laid out on the bench at the moment. From the very beginning I would have occasional video frame jitters and the servo would sit and make small clicking noises while not actually rotating. Now that I have the motors attached, I see the ESC's can occasionally get a signal (the LED does turn red) and it will start rotating a motor for a second and then stop. The servo seems the most sensitive (always clicking in random ways). Motors are more random and show less impact, and seem to settle down after a bit.


I've noticed that the motors occasionally move on their own sporadically and I've assumed its from something in the software, but perhaps it is an electrical issue... I suppose we could test this by changing scoping what goes into and out of the cape.




I've added Arduino code that keeps sending the ESC position data. The transients seem to no longer be effecting the motors as a result.