Arduino Uno


Hi at all,

i need a hint for solving my problem.

I have a BB White and one Arduino Uno laying around. Controlling servos via laptop or pushbuttons works fine with the uno. Now my brain stuck up. What connection is used to send the cockpit signals for control from the BB to the Power Board?? Sounds strange but i started programming now with that project so my knowledge is still not much.

Hope somebody could help?


Cockpit (Javascript)> BeagleBone (Node.js) ----serial TTYO1---> ATMega (Arduino C++)



So the BB talks with the Arduino via the RX/TX pins thats it?

According this i need to copy the scetch for serial communication out of the cape software an run it on the arduino?


Hello again,

which part of the arduino code is responsible for collecting the serial data given from the beaglebone?