Arduino Uno or Mega?



is there any intention to make the openrov software able to handle as a lightweight system such boards like arduino uno´s and if so, will it be puplished with schematics? From my side things like kalibration laser, heading sensors and depht indicators are "nice to have" but to have a usefull rov not neccesary.


Custom ROV For Senior Project

Hi Stefan:

The orignal OpenROV design used a custom-built cape for the BeagleBone that did, indeed, have an Arduino Uno design on it. The current software is designed to be backwards-compatible with the Cape, though at last report there is some bug with downloading new code to the cape.

Here at OROV HQ there are no plans to change from the Arduino Mega on the current controller board. The added RAM and I/O on the Mega are extremely useful to us.

The schematics for the original Uno-based cape are on GitHub. If you want to experiment with using an actual Uno board, feel free! We always like to see people trying new things with the ROV hardware.



Hi Walt,

Thanks for your reply. Could you please point a link for the github Files?