Arduino not switching on


I've got a homebuilt 2.4 kit using a beaglebone white and a Beaglebone OpenROV cape. I'm using the latest 2.5 software image on the beaglebone and everything seems to work ok except I have to reload the firmware to the Arduino on the cape each time I use it.

On power up I can connect to cockpit and see the video but the lights and motors will not function until I upload the firmware again at which point the red light on the cape comes on and everything works as it should.

Is there a setting I can change so I don't have to upload the firmware each time



Hi Martin:

I have no idea why the Arduino firmware would not be persistent.

I suppose you could try pulling the Atmega chip off of the Cape, putting it onto an Uno board, then downloading the compiled firmware onto the Uno. You can then power cycle the Uno and check that the firmware is persistent.