Arduino Mega and Beaglebone Black


Hello everybody.

This is Ahmed Mohamed I am a senior student in mechanical engineering. I would like to know what is the differance between the Arduino mega original one and the OpenROV one. I wanted to connect the beaglebone and arduino together. What makes me choose the OpenROV one over the original?.

Here is what I wanted to do...I would like to take the advantage of the beagle-bone (Ethernet) to send my control signal and receive video streaming and connect it with arduino to control the motors. Also I have the IMU of the openROV I do not know with which kit i will be using it (Beaglebone or Arduino)...I wondering if anyone could help to clarify everything to me as mechanical engineer I do not understand a lot of electronics stuff alone.

Thanks in advance.

Custom ROV For Senior Project


Here are images of both boards you are deciding between for reference. To me I think the main deciding factor is what kind of motors do you want to use? If you want to use brushless motors and a beaglebone then that is specifically what the OpenROV control board is for. It also has not been locked into being too specific because Walt has brought out the extra headers so you can make it do lots of things. The control board has some extra features that will make it easy for you to do things like control LEDS, lasers, or similar devices (even a DC motor but only one direction) without hassle.

If you go with the regular arduino mega then you are going more the DIY route and will have to make a shield for the arduino(board that stacks ontop and has your electronics). So you can do that as well as an option of course but you said you are a mechanical guy not electrical. I would go with the control board instead of the regular arduino mega so you have software and everything already to go for driving a robot, receiving camera video, etc. The OpenROV would be a great starting point for you to try out your mechanical ideas and get going quickly instead of remaking things by hand (unless that is something you enjoy!)

Hope this helps and I'm excited to see what mechanical ideas you have.



Hello Matt,

Thanks a lot. Now I am able to choose between them but what รท didn't understand is { (even a DC motor but only one direction) without hassle.}. We are going to use the Johnson bilge pump motors we plan to use 8 of them with the following specs 12 V - 3 A - 5 A fuse. ( we already have them)

(1250 GPH model that we are using)

I have used arduino many times before and I know a little bit about its programming but i didn't how we are going to using the openROV board I didn't see any USB port so, how are going to deal with it ?

Its my pleasure to show you what mechanical skills we have got and thanks in advance.




Hello Ahmed,

The OpenROV Board has an ICSP header that you can use to program it using a programmer like this: There are lots of other ones available though.



So I should have one like this in order to program it.

Thanks a lot Matt.



No problem, thanks for joining the community and hope your stuff goes well.


I hope so



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Yeah of course dear. I have all of you here. And your help is much appreciated :slight_smile: I am pleased to meet you Matt


If you used the Openrov Controller Board would you have to use the Tether as well?


Dear Ahmend,
Did you finally use the Arduino board?. I am thinking about doing the same with a ROV because I have two 100w motors, and I need to connect the ESC.