Arduino Cape PCB (ArduSwimmer)


Until we get a wiki going it seems like this PCB should have its own little thread. So I figured I'd make one and test the editing capabilities of this forum thing. Having one long string of posts can be annoying so hopefully we can structure this as a few posts that are just edited over and over like a wiki until it gets ported to a wiki.

So what is the Arduino Cape PCB? It's a simple custom arduino for controlling an OpenROV! It makes life easier by using something common rather than something obscure for the lower level functions of the ROV like turning on the motors. At the same time it is a really powerful idea because it lets you develop your own programs for having the ROV drive around on its own, like they are doing with the DIY drones arduino based autopilot. Running a USB web cam and the web server are left to the beagle bone because a little linux computer is good for stuff like that.

Overall Purpose of PCB

  1. Make it easy for people to program the OpenROV using Arduino rather than embedded Linux
  2. Control motors
  3. Control lights
  4. Read sensors(depth and heading to start with)
  5. Accept/send remote commands from/to the Beagle bone for remote control over Ethernet tether and GUI display in browser
  6. Provide provisions for future expansion and hacking(unused pins brought out etc)

Current things to address

  • Adding more wiring to schematic to connect arduino pins to the beagle bone based on Arduino code under git
  • Finding a way around having to add a 9V battery (DC-DC converter that accepts a wider range and puts out 5V? bigger capacitors?)
  • Adding previsions for a FTDI to be connected to the cape temporarily for arduino programming when disconnected from beagle bone, or wiring so that you can program with ftdi while connected to beagle bone (
  • The PCB needs a way cooler name like the Ardupilot board. ArduSwimmer?
  • Does it make more sense to have a few motor controllers on this PCB rather than multiple discrete motor controllers that take servo inputs? Maybe something similar to: would help keep the wiring inside the ROV cleaner?

Relevant resources

Here's the version we worked on at the NoiseBridge hackathon: and I'd like to keep adding to it and passing things back and forth.

Custom ROV For Senior Project

For you mentioning the lack of a WIKI:

Why not use the github wiki? Maybe you wan't to create a 'general' repository and add use a wiki there.




A question: which pins on the BeagleBone are connected to the Aurduino RX, TX, and reset?


Ben, this is an old version. The new version is on github, in the dev branch. Indeed, the connections are still missing :) I've understood a professional electronic maker is working on the layout and possibly on a printed circuit