Anyway to get dive profile data?


Is there anyway to get the dive profile data of depth, temp off the Trident after a dive.

If not, I was thinking of using a screen recording app instead of recording the pilot video so I would have the cockpit display instead of just the video, then I could see what depth things of interest were at when I go back to review footage. Anybody using a screen recording app they like?

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Agreed. Would love to be able to export profile information, and feel that this is a very necessary feature!

As for how, I don’t know of any way built into the app yet. Hopefully the devs can chime in?


I downloaded an app called DU Screen Recorder. It looks like it will work reasonably well to correlate depth and temp to objects of interest, which is probably better for me than just getting the dive profile. Coordinating a full dive profile with what I see on video could be difficult since I start and stop recording often and timelines wouldn’t necessarily match.


Take a look at some of the good work being described in this topic Software Exploration - DDS and the Trident #4 - A C++ node


Are you looking for a .csv or other format post dive?


I was just hoping for a easy way to see it in the cockpit post dive, but a .csv file would work. I’m curious about temp at depth, location of thermoclines, etc. I haven’t delved through your post because I’m so ignorant of computer programming I don’t even know what DDS stands for besides a dentist.:scream: Thanks for sharing your work on it though.


No worries, there are a few people working for this functionality and hopefully we will have some easy applications soon. I’ll see if I can spin up a data capture app. for .csv export. It’s not a difficult thing, just time consuming.


For me it is just curiosity and not essential for any project, I can just make notes from the cockpit screen for my purposes, no need to do extra work. I think it would be a cool future option though, similar output graphs to a dive computer.

The Cockpit App is a great base to work from and I’m impressed with the layout and functionality of it. Cool to know the Trident has the ability to record that data even if it is not accessible at the moment. I think there is a lot of potential for the Cockpit app for overlays. It would be cool to have a transparent graph that just showed the temp/depth trend for the last minute of so of the dive, similar to the temp overlay on fishfinder sonar. Also a user selectable box or boxes with larger numbers, that could be user set to time, depth, temp, battery, etc. Similar to Garmin’s overlay feature on their GPS units. Just ideas, more than happy with the current version and excited for the future potential.

Video from cockpit view
Divelog details

The dive profile is often recorded in some way as part of a permanent record of the dive. Maximum depth, bottom time and any decompression required are routinely logged by most professional divers