Anyone want to test their ROV in the San Juan Islands?


Hey all,

I'm seriously thinking about building an OpenROV, but I'd love to see one in action first. I live near the San Juan Islands in Washington state and I live aboard my 40 foot Cruise-a-Home boat. If anyone is nearby (like Seattle) who has an OpenROV, I'd love to take you out on my boat. I know some amazing kelp beds that are just teaming with aquatic life.

Get ahold of me through this forum or via my blog:


Chris Troutner


Hey Chris,

I just ordered a kit, and am hoping it will be done a week or two after I get it. I live in Vancouver.



Hey Jesse,

That's sweet. I'm an electrical engineer, so let me know if you need any help. Let me know when you want to take it out. I've got a 27 foot sailboat we could use and I know some great kelp beds.





I'd love to join you. I'm a diver too, and could act as underwater support if needed (guiding the bot to cool finds, untangling it, etc, or just taking pictures of how cool it is :)).

The San Juans should have good visibility this time of year, but you'd best off with a light on your ROV.


Good call Eric. Jesse and I never got together, but my offer still stands: Anyone with an OpenROV is welcome to contact me. I'd love to take them out on my boat to test-drive ro ROV. Contact me through this thread of via my blog:


I wanted to let everyone know that my offer still stands. It’ll be at least a year until my budget allows me to buy an OpenROV kit, but I’d love to watch someone play with theirs.

I know plenty of awesome reefs and kelp beds with clear water and no current. I’ll provide food, beer, and transportation.


Hi Chris

I’m on Mayne Island in the Gulf islands, very close but separated by a boarder. I would like to give it a try once my ROV is a little more tested. Email me at



Hi! We have several educators in the Seattle and Oregon area with OpenROVs. Several are up and running - and a few others could use some hands on with troubleshooting some tech issues. If you are open to helping my guess is that several of these educators might be open to exploring these locations with you!

Please email me directly at and I will connect you with the teachers in your area.