Anyone up to quickly creating a thrust image


If you look at it has a nice png to represent the battery level.

I am working on an indicator for the percentage of power that the thrusters are limited to. Today, we default to about 20% of total possible power being sent to the thrusters as a limit, but it is adjustable with the 1..5 keys as well as gamepad buttons. If someone can think of a clever way to represent that in an image, I can wire it in for the next beta build of cockpit.


I love the concept!


I guess even just having a value at the bottom of Cockpit like current draw and CPU usage would be sufficient, but a while ago I went overboard and drew out a concept for showing limits using horizontal bars across a display that would show throttle position as well. To much perhaps?

I'd love to see what other people think of!



This looks really cool.


[forgive the words, I can't draw and can't find a graphic]

I'm picturing basically that battery graphic but rotated 180 degrees. Straight up the right side, diagonal from top left to bottom right. Red on the bottom, fading into green as it gets higher/wider. (Maybe not red, maybe yellow instead b/c low power is just slow, not a danger). Four breaks in the graphic to divide into 5 chunks (for power levels). Probably a label "Thrust" or something on top.