Anyone cutting the development branch?


At is the only source with 3 pdf/dxf files.

Has anyone built or cut from this repository/


Yes, we cut from it last week with no issues I will note that they are compressed onto a smaller sheet of acrylic than the BOM requests. These are sized to fit on an 18x24 sheet, i was told by our laser cutter to get them in 18.5 x 24.5 and i was glad i did as it would have been too close to the edge IMO

So if you are at the materials stage go with 3 sheets, all 18.5 x 24.5" , Color for the main body, white and clear for the main body and you should be all set!


Chris @ BC Robotics


Actually the sizes really needed are even smaller if you can source them.

Not all acrylic suppliers sell cut to size, but if yours does it, these are the sizes:

  • Blue, Length: 610 mm Width: 460 mm
  • Clear, Length: 480 mm Width: 200 mm
  • White, Length: 200 mm Width: 240 mm