Anyone adding buoyancy to the tether?


I’ve done a couple open water dives with my 2.7 now, and I’m having trouble with the tether hanging on rocks, etc.

Is anyone else having issues with this, or come up with solutions? I’ve been diving from the shoreline, which may be the root cause of my problems, but this will be the norm for my ROV so we’ll have to adapt!

I’ve been thinking of foam fishing bobbers every X number of feet, but I’m open to all ideas.


Okay, I should apologize.

Reading through the other topics in the tether section, I see this is something a lot of people are thinking about. That said, I can’t figure out how to delete my thread.

So…still open to suggestions, I guess?

I don’t think the poly rope option is something I would like to do. I’m still leaning towards the foam float option, though I’m worried about trying to reel it up like that.


I had the same problems, the tether sinks. I want to add small buoyant plastic pieces to the tether, I thought I stumbled across a forum post where somebody uploaded a cad-file for 3d-printing these kind of little buoys, but i can’t seem to find the post. small 3d-printed abs-pieces attached every few meters would make the tether neutrally buoyant