Anybody supplementing their income with a ROV?


I live on the southern Oregon coast and was thinking of supplementing my income with a flying drone, then saw underwater drones during an ebay search. Is anybody living by an ocean finding ROVs to be a means of making a little money?


I live in the South East UK.

I am due to be partly retired soon and have plans to use the OpenROV for a self financing hobby.

I hope to have a set up similar to the SS Tahoe expedition, but using 360 sonar instead of SBL array. Currently I have a 2.8 with GoPro, but aim at upgrading to HD camera and then getting a back-up ROV.

My aims would be boat hull surveys from docks, side-scan sonar survey and possibly assisting local authorities with search investigations as that is an area familiar to myself.

I am negotiating with local lake dive clubs to use their facilities for practice and shake-downs, as it is very difficult in the UK to access waters in the UK because of fear of litigation against landowners. Everybody wants their (large) bite of whatever you have. The key is to be professional in your approach to protect their environment.

Hope this inspires you and helps.


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