Any ROV owners in Cape Cod area up for a meet up?


Going to Cape Cod soon-ish, in Mashpee area. Bringing my Trident with me, for first dives in ocean water.

Anybody want to do a meet up?

Can’t guarantee multiple long dives in incredible places, as I am on vacation with family, and don’t know the area- but would love to meet up with fellow enthusiasts!

Feel free to send me a message.


HI Merrick,

I’m a longtime OpenROV user, but I usually work out of the bay in Rhode Island. I started with the original ROV, and now have a Trident. I don’t have time for doing any runs out at the Cape with my Trident. I’m busy getting ready for a dive in some local flooded mines. I’d be happy to chat with you about what you’re looking to do with your ROV, and maybe see what kind of stuff you’ve already done at home.

Best Regards,


Just got my Trident in Sept and am in the Plymouth area for future reference


@currentsfishingnetwo, what are you plans to use your trident for? I’m in Rhode Island, and I use mine for a variety of things. Lately I’ve been exploring flooded colonial mine. I have also used it to explore shipwrecks in Narragansett bay.



Hi, Sorry I missed all this. I am a biologist on Cape Cod. I do lots of drop camera and hydrophone deployments to study fish sounds. I’ve wished for an ROV for a long time but have not had the opportunity. It would have helped tremendously when I was setting out an array of hydrophones trying to document fish behavior and sounds. Drop cameras are just not very effective. Anyone interested in deploying your ROV during one of my field trips (usually at sunset and night when fish are more active). Let me know! See more about my work at Rountree’ Fish Ecology Page


I’m currently trying to design a dropmic (dropcam but a microphone instead) that hhangs from a string attached to an airbag buoyancy buoy that suspends it from the surface. It will be solar powered and can run for a period of up to half a year before needing to be cleaned due to organic particle and/or algae buildup on the outer surface which might affect audio recording quality. It will be able to store audio files on a removable disk which can then be retrieved whenever it has to be cleaned. Also, it won’t budge an inch merely because of ocean currents. Ever heard of surface anchoring? o(^_^)o
Estimated completion: Early summer 2020


HI, I’m not sure what you mean. There are a number of companies that make buoyed archival and telemetried hydrophones. Do you mean a combination video camera with sound input from a hydrophone? That is something only available as DIY as far as I know. My student is working on a bottom mounted system but the camera/hydrophone could be used in other applications. See his “Fishsounds” expedition


@rrountree I’d love to deploy my Trident during one of your field trips. I’ve been using mine recently to explore flooded colonial mines and have been impressed with the results so far!


Hey, thanks for the offer. Its too late in the season now, but it would be great if we could try a deployment in the spring. I’ll be passing through RI a couple times after the new year, so maybe we can meet to discuss possibilities.



@ rrountree I thought it might be too late in the season.

I’d love to deploy it in the spring. Let me know when you’ll be passing through the area, and we can meet at a a location convenient for you to discuss your project and using the Trident.