Any ROV owners in Cape Cod area up for a meet up?


Going to Cape Cod soon-ish, in Mashpee area. Bringing my Trident with me, for first dives in ocean water.

Anybody want to do a meet up?

Can’t guarantee multiple long dives in incredible places, as I am on vacation with family, and don’t know the area- but would love to meet up with fellow enthusiasts!

Feel free to send me a message.


HI Merrick,

I’m a longtime OpenROV user, but I usually work out of the bay in Rhode Island. I started with the original ROV, and now have a Trident. I don’t have time for doing any runs out at the Cape with my Trident. I’m busy getting ready for a dive in some local flooded mines. I’d be happy to chat with you about what you’re looking to do with your ROV, and maybe see what kind of stuff you’ve already done at home.

Best Regards,