Any ROV builder in Switzerland or southern Germany that want to hang out?



I'm here in Switzerland with my ROV #463 and would love to meet up with fellow OpenROVers!

Any interest in hanging out somewhere between now and end of July?

If we get a space somewhere, we could do a build day or bug fix day too. I've got plenty of experience with the ROV nd the software!

Regards Dominik


Come to cologne and we can spent some time together ;) Can't make it to southern Germany unfortunately.



That would be great. Not sure I make it all the way up there, but if I do, I give you a shout!


That'd be awesome. We need to connect the German/Austrian/Swiss/(german speaking)Italian userbase ;)


I don’t own a ROV yet but will order one in the near future. I’m located in Karlsruhe and Hamburg. We could start a german group to attract more people.

Beste Grüße



That'll be awesome Christopher, I also don't own one yet but will order mine in a couple of weeks.


What kind of platform would you like? I just reserved and could set up a forum and / or small site.


i would have started with a google+ group and of course check with David and Eric for domain usage. Tell me what you think.


Sounds good!
I’ll coordinate the domain usage, we can foward it to the g+ page and build a site later.


The G+ page is up