Any one located around central mid west US


I’m real close to buying 2.8 or buying all the 2.8 electronics and using some Blue robotic components. Thought I would at least ask if anyone happens to have one in my area. Clearly not as cool of a place comparied to you guys in bay areas but we do have a good number of very deep lakes and flooded rock quarrys to explore.


Hey B9W! I plan to be in the area March 9th til April 6th. I will have two heavily modded ROVs with me for a tour of the area. My HQ is Hardy Arkansas. It is a good location that is located within a hour or two from many areas that are ripe for exploration. I am currenly getting to know the park rangers so we can have unfettered access when needed. Feel free to let me know what you have in mind and if our locations are good for collaboration. Flying to the area via Memphis…



Thanks for replying, I live in the Quincy, IL area so about 6 hours away, North. I’m going to talk to my wife tonight about making a trip down. Will you be “working” on the weekends? Could you post a pic of your ROVs, sorry just super curious about the modded part!


Did you ever buy and build an OROV 2.8 or get the parts together to build a hybrid ROV?
Here is a link to my BR/OROV Hybrid ROV.