Antikythera Shipwreck project


I just got sent some raw video of Sydney Uni's AUV on part of its mapping run as part of the of the Antikythera Shipwreck project that some may find of interest (you can see it here on youtube)

This is part of the Woods Hole and the Greek Underwater Antiquities Ephorate project exploring the wreck that held one of the world oldest "computers" the Antikythera mechanism

You can follow the projects blog

Underwater Archaeological Camera

Just got sent some video of an AUV mapping the Antikythera mechanism wreck using Structure from Motion (and getting trapped and rescued by a small ROV) and thought it my be interesting to some

Also the Exosuit Dives on the same wreck


Cool! Will you be doing Structure from Motion work with the raw video?


I'm not on this project (although I have a real good friend who is on the project so have been getting a lot of inside info)

They are doing SfM on this project using VisualSFM (modified a bit to accept Stereo vision cameras) and you can see the AUV taking the shots (the down facing flash about every second)

You can see the output SfM on the Mapping the Antikythera Shipwreck video up on the big screen on the boat at about the 5 minute mark and how they are using this SfM model to plan both the excavation, the mission for the exosuit and where they have found the "finds" (the earrings etc)