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Hi all,

A few weeks ago (in September, I think), David and Eric stopped by for a tour of my local makerspace in Boston, Artisan's Asylum. I've been working on an open source hardware Linux board called the Rascal. It's like the Beaglebone, but it works with Arduino shields. David and Eric suggested that I should post something here alerting your group to the existence of the Rascal. I think they liked that it had an onboard Python editor and web-interface.

My impression is that the OpenROV is using the Beaglebone, which seems like a decent choice to me. I think David and Eric thought there might be people who wanted to modify their ROVs to do other stuff with Arduino shields.

Anyway, here it is:

Brandon Stafford

Somerville, MA, USA


I like it. I hope you have great success with it. It looks like it is a bit longer than the Beaglebone. Hopefully someone can verify that it fits into the housing.


Thanks, Dan. It's been a lot of work but I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. Being able to change the code through the webserver on the board has turned out to be cooler than I thought it would.

Here's a mechanical drawing of the board: The salient dimension is the length: 4.5 inches, AKA 11.43 cm. Google reports that the OpenROV is 30 x 20 cm, so it seems possible that it would fit.

Hmm. Perhaps I need to build one of these things!