Alternative drive thruster


Hi All,

Whilst looking for bits & pieces of my rev 2.5 build, i stumbled across this motor:

Principally, it would appear to have a low/lower KV and would appear to be compatible with the supplied ESC.

My questions are:

1. Has anyone in the community used a multi-copter/quad-copter brushless motors in their openrov?

2. Will the number of poles be compatible the ESCs supplied in the openrov kits?

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I hadn't seen that motor.. very interesting! It seems like it might be more challenging to mount props to mechanically, but the lower KV is a plus! I believe that this motor would work with the current ESCs we're using but don't quote me on that.

Let us know if you end up getting one of these to test!



Pole count usually dont matter on esc's.

i've got a set of these motors that are common to use on multirotors.

these motors have a real high quality feel to them. compared to the kit motors they are completely silent and vibration free! and they run really smooth at low speeds.

a other benefit is the M4 shaft that is directly compatible with graupner props with M4 threads!

i'm going to mount a set of these on one of my openrovs. sadly i lack time to get the rov finished and getting it in the water. hopefully its finished during the winter for some under-the-ice flight in the lake behind my house ;-)


Well, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Months ago we did some tank testing of a variety of props, but as the drive to get the 2.5 vehicle out the door started, we pretty much stopped all tank testing of ESC/motor/prop combos.

I think it would be great to dust off the test stand and try out these two motors. The low Kv values are a plus, but the larger bell sizes will partially obscure the prop. The only way to really know for sure how they're going to work is to get them in the test tank and take some measurements.




Thanks for the input & advice on this matter. I’m going to order one of each motor and complete some comparative tests with varying sized props. I’ll post an update in the coming weeks