Alternative control board options for first ROV?



hello, I’m new to the forum and I’m hoping this is the correct place for this thread. (if not, please move accordingly)

So my brother and I want to build our own ROV, but we’re not very ‘electronics savy’. we know we want to base our system off the OpenROV 2.8 hardware, but we’d to know…

what other control boards would work well with the Beaglebone black? as well as what speed controllers and other components are viable options?

Thanks guys

OpenROV 2.8 Developer's Controller Kit

I would recommend sticking with the OpenROV 2.8 board if you’re not very electronics savvy. The easiest option besides the 2.8 board is an Arduino mega - but you will probably end up building a modified version of the OpenROV board anyway (it uses the same chip as the mega). I don’t know of any other “off the shelf” boards that are compatible.

It’s more common to replace the BBB with a RPi than to use another control board. You will need a logic level shifter as the 3.3V Arduino and 5V BBB levels aren’t compatible and you could let some smoke out. Take a look at the schematics and decide if this is something you are comfortable to build / modify yourself, or if buying an OpenROV controller is a better option for your first ROV.

ESC’s and motors are fairly easy to swap out as long as they are compatible with the power system. The camera can be changed easily too. External lights are a popular addition and there are plenty of things to modify on the standard 2.8 kit.


As Brendan suggested you an use RPi and arduino uno. All your questions will be answered in the following link