Alternative chemicals in Europe


Hi all, I have now received my OpenRov s/n 780 and am eager to get started, but before I go all crazy and order all the chemicals from the US, which derives higher transportation and importation costs, is there any fellow Euopean builder out there who can recommend a European, or even better, Spanish alternative for shopping the chemicals? I have not been able to find anything similar in the normal building super mart. Highly appreciated!

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I'm in Germany and I used ACRIFIX 1S 0117, it worked very well, it's extremely fluid and flooded immediately the space between to surfaces as soon as I took some of it on the side. But it is an industry product, I don't know if you can find it easily.

But I think that it is actually based on acetone (smell so at least), and I have seen on youtube ( ) someone using just acetone to glue acrylic, acetone actually dissolve the acrylic and once it is is gone, the acrylic is like melted together. I'm wondering if it is not the same than ACRIFIX at the end. But I did not try myself (note that acetone can weaken the acrylic..).

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Thanks JYC, I´ll have a look at that.


acrylic cement (American Word) = methylenchlorid or dichlormethan

Information comes from Danish website dealing with acrylic items. (Sorry Danish!)

But there are 2 videos on how to glue


I used

Patex Modelbau Glue for the Acrylics:

and for the Potting of the Wires:

3M Scotchcast 2131

this recommend me some people, which build "professional" ROVs


Hjelle kjemi in Bergen have methylenklorid.



In Spain I used ACRIFIX 107 and it came to cost 50 euros.


emailed Hjelle kjemi in Bergen, they only sell this to Companies/buisnisses, and only in 200 liter containers…