Alternative Batteries


Hi I am a High School senior and I have been building OpenROV v 2.7. I need to have it completed by the end of the week and I am almost done. All I need is the batteries. I ordered the ones off of the website a week and a half ago but still haven’t received them.

Any ideas on alternative batteries other than the Li-FePO4 batteries that I can use for a day to demonstrate my project for my school?



You can use anything as long as you give the ROV 9.6 ish volts over the two power rails. Personally, I built a hybrid OpenROV, using a Thunder Valley 4350mAh LiPO at 11.1V which runs the ROV for a number of hours. Do you plan to Dive the ROV during the demo? Or just bench top test it?


I was planning on diving but I would be happy just to have it power on. Is there somewhere that I could buy batteries that would work not online so that I could pick them up tomorrow?


If you have a Fry’s Electronics near you, they carry “Tenergy 3.2V 3200mAh 10.24Wh LiFePO4 (IFR26650E) Energy Cell Rechargeable Battery”. Haven’t used them myself, but they look to be compatible.

They are $11.99 each though (website price).