Alternate camera: latency fluctuates dramatically



After reading that the h.264 capable Logitech C930e was faster than the stock Genius webcam in this thread, I decided to try out this cheap 720p h.264 camera. For the price, I figured it was worth trying out. When first starting cockpit, it works great. The frame rate is good, and the image is clearer in low light. However, the latency will jump dramatically after a few seconds. I also noticed that the CPU usage and ping are higher than usual. Everything is normal if I switch back to the Genius webcam. The CPU usage on my PC is also higher than usual, but none of my cores are maxed. I plugged the camera into my computer, and there were no issues at all, so I don’t think the camera is faulty.

Considering this is a 720p camera, and the config.js setting is ‘SXGA’, could the issue be with video scaling? Nowhere in the code could I find the definition for ‘SXGA’, although I know this to be 1280x1024. What input format does the resolution option in config.js expect? What other possible causes might there be?

@badevguru, considering that this camera is h.264 capable, I would be interested in testing the new HD-camera upgrade image with it to see if that would resolve my latency issue. Are you planning to release that image anytime soon?

Thank you.


I ended up just ordering the HD Camera Upgrade, but I still want to get this cheap camera working. I’ll have no need for it because it won’t rival the OpenROV HD Camera. However, it might be an option for others if I can get it working properly.


I too have ordered the Pro Camera-HD Upgrade. It will be on my doorstep on Monday via FedEx.:slight_smile:
Indeed it will be interesting see how it compares to the standard HD camera.
I actually have two Controller Board Assemblies. One with the standard HD camera and one that will have the Pro Camera-HD Upgrade camera. That way it will be easy to swap them out if there is a problem with the upgrade.


Hi I use a Logitech C910 -B910 Modified whit a Gopro 170 degree wide angle lens, disable auto focus,work Good,