Alguita ORV sets sail with Robodox OpenROV onboard for six week expedition to the North Pacific Gyre


Check our blog post out for details.

This was made possible by the great support from the OpenROV team to keep our Robodox robot team supplied with emergency parts. We had a lot of battery, motor , kit and electronics issues but things are going well now.


Chris and the Robodox Granada Hills Charter High School team.


The tether management system looks cool. Is it described in detail anywhere? I was wondering if the box had a battery and wireless adapter in it, and what rotary joint you used in the reel.


Hi Bob,

The tether management is created from pvc pipe with concentric diameters , one for the crank/axle and the other for the sheath attached to the base. This post gives a few more details. The rotary joint is just a monophonic microphone jack with the female end epoxied to the wooden stand. The male side of the jack is epoxied to the reel.

The TP-Link wireless adapter is contained along with the topside adapter in the small Pelican case. The TP-Link battery supplies the 5 volts to the USB cable attached to the topside adapter. See this post for some more details on what equipment is used.