Advice on best mid-range drone as of Sept 2020

Hi all,

First time posting on the forum, and new to marine ROVs in general, so hoping to tap some of the knowledge of this group. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading forums/review, watching videos, etc, to get to a decision on a drone to start with. Down the road I might try to build my own, but very happy to start with something commercially available to find my feet. What I’m looking for is a unit that: 1) is relatively full-featured and current (i.e. camera, nice thruster/movement set up, etc), 2) reliable (this is where experiences from this group would be a huge help), 3) up to the $2-3k USD price range, and 4) a reasonably open system in terms of control, firmware, capturing on board sensor data, testing connectivity options, etc, to allow for experimentation on that front. This last piece is particularly important.

Based on everything I’ve looked into, the FiFish V6 seems like it ticks a lot of those boxes, except maybe for #4. It seems like their controller and app are a fairly closed system, which could be a deal breaker. Whereas the Trident (and all the mods, alternative control apps, etc talked about on this forum) is appealing on many fronts, but maybe somewhat weaker on features. BlueROV is intriguing, though likely too pricey/more than I need, and I read some comments here that alluded to issues with the ArduSub software? The Navatics Mito is in the ballpark it seems, though I’m wary of the WiFi buoy connectivity approach (in terms of signal stability, but also just drone retrievability).

So all of that being said, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback on the above! Right now I think I’m basically choosing between the FiFish and Trident, but could well be missing something important. Thanks very much.