Advanced Underwater Thruster, Reliable, Low Cost


TECNADYNE, BLUEROBOTIC, SUBATLANTIC and … the best efficiency of thrusters are about 25% which is fairly low.
But Lian Innovative have introduced a newly designed Underwater Thruster with efficiency is about 63%.

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What are they basing their efficiency on? I see no actual data on their website to support their claims.


The Efficiency has been calculated between input power (Dc voltage cross current) and output hydrodynamic power (Thruster force cross vehicle speed). It has been cleared in the Efficiency section in the web page.


That’s an interesting way to quantify efficiency for a thruster. That’s how you’d do it for an airplane or other vehicle that’s moving constantly but ROVs are fairly static. Another way to do it would be to compare the power usage to the ideal power usage for a propeller of that size. That’s how helicopter rotors are quantified.

I would be interested to know your efficiency expressed as (grams of thrust)/(power in Watts) in static conditions. Thanks!


It is not a good parameters to be considers unless it be clarified “@ Max thrust” or “@ 80% of max thrust”, Because it could be higher if the thruster uses in low rpm. But just for your reference for some models it is up to 60 grams/what in bollard thrust.


Ideally, one would plot this from zero to max bollard thrust, rather than simply publishing a single number for the thruster’s efficiency. Do you have such plots for your thrusters? Many thanks again.


yes here is the plot:

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