Greetings all:

First of all I present myself. My name is Javier Garcia and I'm from Spain. I'm finishing my dregree in engineering in Seville.

I have started my End of Degree Project with an OpenRov. I'm planning to add some sensors to measure water quality (Salinity, pH, Temperature, ORP, etc).

I'm going to start building it next weekend but I have some questions. The recommended adhesive is not available in Spain but, there is a similar one called, Acrifix-90. I would like to know if it's possible to use that adhesive instead of the recommended.

Thank you all for this project.



Hi Javier ¡¡

As a matter of politness for everybody in the forum ..... I'l write in English ....

But I'm, as you, from Spain. Nowadays located at Madrid (Northern Mountains -> Sierra Norte)

Are you using the standard Acrylic for your OpenRov ?

Kind regards and ..... pleased to have you on here.

May I know which your Engineering speciality is going to be ?


Of course, I'm doing Automatic and Robotics.

The glue I can have is one that it mainly used for "metacrilato" (dont know how to say it in English) called acrifix 90. Its an acrylic adhesive very liquid.

Which adhesive did you use for your ROV? and where did you got it?


Hi Javier:

I haven't already built the OpenRov model. We have a Ship's Yard, and work on real ships building so we use industrial suppliers.

Anyway, I can get that information.

I'll ask to the Purchasing Dpt. for a retailer at Spain.



Hi Javier:

I asked and they told me that ....

For massive use, Clorophorm is the preferred adhesive (Really a welding) for Metacrylate.

For little parts, a solution of Metacrylate in acetone seems to work quite fine.

Better comercial choice seems to be Acrifix 107 (Almost a solution of monomer in clorophorm)



Thanks a lot,

I suppose there wont be too much difference between that one and Acrifix 90, but I'll read about it.

Can I ask where do you work?


Of course you can:

For obvous reasons I'll not publish all the datas.

I work for an Engineering & Shiping Company. I am also member of a research group at the University, related to ship building, Navigation sciences and Technologies.

Our office is located at Madrid.

It looks the difference is related to UV sensibility and Clorophorm propotion. Surely any of them can do the work.

Anyway, its clear that none of the procedures is a real adhesive, but a welding.