Address change for trident


Stupid question, be cause I’m in a rush…like always,

How do I change my address in kickstarter for my trident kit? I moved.




According to the Trident FAQ:

How do I update my address and/or payment information for a pre-order?
You can change your shipping address and/or payment information anytime prior to your credit card being charged by clicking here.


Ha, so easy. I apologize for my laziness in the search for answers…that and I’ve lost most of my records in the last month LOL

An additional question, do you happen to have vectored thrust mounts for the t100/200s from BlueRobotics? No worries if not, I’m going to draw them up today if I can’t find them in the next few hours. I’d like to option to quick config the blue kit one given mission needs.

Regards and thanks!



Actually, that didn’t work but if you go to the pledge that you entered, it’s actuall hidden in the survey tab…which is somewhat misleading LOL

Thanks again.



Looks like OpenROV needs to update their FAQ.
My KickStarter BlueESC Thrusters came with the mounts, but I only used the mounts for the two vertical thrusters in my six Thruster ROV configuration. For the four horizontal Thrusters, I created a hole pattern from the supplied thruster mounts and just selected the correct holes for a 45 deg angle.


Gotcha, so you had eiterh top or bottom mounts. I could reconfig the whole kit I suppose or just build 45 degree mounts for the current setup.




@Jim_N and @TCIII

There are two sections for the FAQ on our website. If you scroll to the bottom there is the section for Kickstarter. The answer that was posted above is just for people who placed pre-orders after Kickstarter ended.

How do I update my shipping address as a Kickstarter backer?
Email us at and we can change it for you or wait to receive a shipping survey closer to Trident’s ship date.

If you have any issues changing your address let me know and I can help you out with this.


Thanks Brian. I think I got it, but let’s make sure.


p.s. Tell Charles and Gil to stop goofin’ off…


@Jim_N Do you have any secrets in order to keep them from goofin’ off? They are both fantastic people to have in the lab and it always amazes me on the great work they accomplish!