Additional buoyancy for Trident


I’m looking to attach an external light to top of my trident, however this will negatively affect the buoyancy.

Any experiences/suggestions for an easy way to add additional buoyancy to my trident?


You don’t say exactly what or how you’re intending to attach but my own experience is that the buoyancy is less affected than the handling; I find that Trident is much less responsive with any payload, top or bottom, attached. I’ve produced some 3D print designs for GoPro style mounts for Trident which I’ve used successfully; you can find one here. Others, including a top mount and ballast clips are also present.

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Try either R-3315 or R-3318 from General Plastics.
We use this to make the Trident neutrally buoyant after adding a hydrophone to listen to fish sounds while recording video. You can purchase a block and cut small pieces to add (we use waterproof tape) until you get the correct buoyancy.

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