Adding Temperature Sensor



Hoping one of you can help me. I have an OpenRov 2.8 dev kit with the IMU. I’m trying to add a temperature sensor(from blue robotics) to display on the cockpit. They provide code for the sensor, but I can not for the life of me figure out where I’m supposed to put it and what files I need to edit.


So there’s already a temperature sensor on the IMU, as part of the depth sensor- is there a reason that you need the higher accuracy of a standalone temperature sensor?

I haven’t run my OROV 2.8 in a while to remember what the telemetry parameter is called- I think it’s depth_t.



Hi and thank you for the reply! I read there was a temperature sensor on the IMU but was hoping to add a numerical display on the cockpit. I’m running 31.0.0 and it’s a little clunky to display the telemetry.


Just to add to this, yes one of the changes in the RC4 main theme is that the telemetry is a separate app which makes it hard to see while flying. There is a feature that allows you to spawn the telemetry in a new browser window that you can then layer beside the main window. You hold the shift key when clicking the telemetry applet and that will open it in a new window. (