Adding sensors


Greetings all:

I', still bulding my OpenRov but I ve realised that in order to add some enviromental sensors I have two posibilities, which by the way I dont know if are factible.

The first one, is adding the sensors directly to the controller board making sure that it will remain watertight, which I dont know how to do or even if it is possible.

The other one is making a watertight compartment with another arduino and try to connect it to the beaglebone wireless (by bluetooth or another way, I dont if it possible underwater).

I would like to have your advice before choosing one of them. I ve already made sure that the sensors are arduino compatible and that they are fully submersible. You can have a look on them on this web:

Very thankfull, Javi


I glanced at the link you have. Anything that works on a Raspberry Pi should be able to work on the BeagleBone as well. In this case it needs a serial connection.

If the device is 3.3v then:

The beagle has multiple serial connections you can use (only 1 is being used by the controllerboard).

If the device is 5v then the arduino mega also has a spare serial port but I'm not sure the pins run to the edge of the controlerboard. There are also serial software libraries that will let you use on the the GPIO ports as a serial port.

Going external:

Else, you can also get serial->I2C adapter board and you can build your own external water right enclosure and connect to the arduino via the already externally exposed I2C wires.


Thank you very much, Brian.

What do you mean with the device?