Adding new plugin/Ros Plugin




I have a 2.8 running the latest dev image (RC4). I’m trying to get the ROS plugin up and running. I followed the instructions in the plugin-roslibjs docs.

I have problem getting the plugin to load; I noted that there was no Plugin_Meta in the existing ros plugin, so modified it accordingly, but did not see it appear in the addons page Nor do I see any console messages logged.

I can’t seem to get a new plugin to be recognized at all. In frustration, I tried copying the example plugin (in /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins) to example2, and changing all instances of example to example2 (likewise with Example -> Example2). I expected the browser to log “Example plugin is running” and “Example2 plugin is running”, but only the first is there. I added the same Plugin_Meta to the original Example plugin and can see it in the addons page.

Is there something I’m missing with getting a new plugin recognized? Does anyone have plugin-roslibjs running on the latest dev image?



Found the problem; the loaded plugins are cached in /usr/share/cockpit/cache/
Deleting the cahced json files will force a refresh.