Adding External Servo 31.0.0 RC4


Hello All,

Trying to get the external servo working with the 31.0.0 update. I’ve enabled the
#define HAS_ALT_SERVO (1) and am getting no response from my servo. I feel like there may be something I need to do so I can map controls to the keyboard or game controller but I’m at a loss.

Has anyone had any luck with their external servo?



I have a external servo which controls a 3d printed claw. If you have waterproofed the servo, in what manner have you done so? Also, make sure you map the controls correctly and waterproof the wires. Here is the claw files and some other resources.



Thanks for the reply, claw looks great! I haven’t got as far as waterproofing the servo. I just wanted to get it working first then tinker with waterproofing.

I’m actually looking at a blue robotics claw that uses servo pwm signals that comes premade and waterproof.

How were you able to map your controls? When I enable the altservo I don’t get any option to map it. I watched the YouTube video and it looks like its for the older release candidate.


It is an older release, but the idea is the same. The controls are set to altQ and altZ. You do not need to enable anything, at least with my 2.8. It was already enabled right off the bat.
If you don’t mind, would you send over the link to the claw? I’m interested in how they set it up.


Also, I am using a TowerPro MG995 servo.


That’s the link for the claw. A little expensive but looks like its got some great features.

I tried alt-q and alt-z and no response. I may try the older software


@wafflebrian84 Your issue may also be related to the 2.8 Controller Board output logic voltage. The Newton Gripper PWM logic voltage is 3.3V, I forget what the Controller Board logic voltage is, it may be 5V. If so, you will need a level shifter to make it work.

You’ll also need to find a way to tap into the 12V power system for actual gripper power.


Thanks for the reply! I haven’t even got as far as testing the blue robotics claw. I can’t even get a standard servo to respond at this point but that’s great info to have down the line when I’m able to get everything working.